A woman in love, in love with her boyfriend now when a former boyfriend regret,



from now on complex triangle of love, and finally find a true love story, is a contradiction between men and women and love, in the process of looking for true love, a romantic comedy. Her role in love found yu-mi jeong determine play a romantic comedy Yu-mi jeong the heroine of the play is running mate furniture designers, deciding between lovers and new lover in the past, the real performance without cover the mood of the heroine. Producers said sweet reality love drama, certainly Zheng Xianzhen writer and the growing popularity of need romance 2 starring yu-mi jeong again cooperation, will continue to bring about a romantic comedy. The discovery of myth Eric yu-mi jeong together in love South Korean idol group shinhwa members Eric will hand in hand yu-mi jeong KBS2TV new Monday and Tuesday in drama love found, this is his spy the bright moon since 2011, three years after the first appeared in TV series. Love the discovery of is need to be romantic series of writers jung hyun is new, the discovery of the love story about the heroine in love meet with former boyfriend after finding true love story, Eric will play yu-mi jeong played the heroine in the plays former boyfriend. Eric in 2011 after the spy moon havent starred in three years, the he worked seven years ago yu-mi jeong comeback attracted the attention of people hand in hand. Love found on August 18, will this year as a lover of the Trot of drama broadcast.

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