《剩餘公主》的製作組20日在首爾上岩洞CJ E&M舉






Remaining princess is to become a human story of the mermaid princess came to Seoul, and prepare students employment in remaining house of interesting stories happened in 100 days. Will pick up the documentation unreasonable anglo-irish miss on August 7. The remaining princess in Seoul on the production team of 20 caves CJ E&M The lines rehearsals, juwan, Jo bo-ah good cooperate actors from the beginning attract everyones attention. Starred in a shut up Flowers band, rainbow rose of the house full of love and future series of Jo bo-ah keep bright smile, looks gentle, sweet, and just in the human poisoning in wen juwan mens number two, wearing a blue shirt cowboy, very manly. The whole process of lines are very smooth, the actors are all lines practice under relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.




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